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Early Career Development and Preparation for Chartership

The transition from academia into professional work can be a tough experience for many individuals.


No matter how hard we studied or how good our grades were at University, understanding what is expected from us in the workplace is not always straightforward. This lack of clarity can lead to uncertainty and a lack of direction that is unhealthy and which can slow us down at a time when we most need our full motivation and energy ; the same way a space shuttle needs the peak of its engine power at launch, not at landing.


As a young professional, with the right support, you can discover how you can make the most of your strengths and what skills to develop to deliver outstanding work and build your way up in the organisation you are in.

Get your FREE 60 minutes DISCOVERY SESSION, with no obligations.


During this initial consultation we will discuss what you are looking for, your needs and aspirations and how we can work together.

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