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Women Returning to Work

After a career break, recuperating the confidence and the energy to face everyday work challenges or even understanding our own career direction and professional identity, can be challenging.

Deciding to go back to work after a long break is undoubtedly exciting and refreshing. Sometimes though, once back into the day to day pressure and challenges, the initial energy can convert into a spiral of self-doubt and lack of confidence. Before we know it, we find ourselves wondering if we are worth the role and/or if we are "good enough" for the job.

With the right support, you can re-build your confidence and believe, again, that you are not just "good enough", but you are actually great at what you do! All you need is to get onto the right path, to rediscovering your strengths and your purpose in the workplace.

Get your FREE 60 minutes DISCOVERY SESSION, with no obligations.


During this initial consultation we can discuss what you are looking for, your needs and aspirations and how we can work together.

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