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Women in Science and the Construction Industry

Having been working in the construction industry for almost 20 years, I have experienced, for myself, what it means to build a career in a male dominated industry.


From keeping up with a "macho" culture to facing others' unconscious bias, the challenges can be many but ultimately it is up to us whether we want to overcome them and not let them become an obstacle to our own career and professional goals.

If you are struggling as a woman in a male dominated industry, by getting the right support and help, you can build a successful and fulfilling career. Breakthrough by reverting what now feels like  a "gap of disconnection" into a "resourceful link" between you and your colleagues ; shed light on what makes you special rather than different, what makes you stronger rather than weaker.  

Get your FREE 60 minutes DISCOVERY SESSION, with no obligations.


During this initial consultation we can discuss what you are looking for, your needs and aspirations and how we can work together.

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